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My African Violet

I have finally managed to make my African violet flower again! I tried so many things, but in the end it's the sun-bathing that did the trick!!!

2008 Christmas Dinner


Braised Goose with Veal, Pork, and Chestnut Sausage Stuffing
Brussel Sprouts and Chestnuts sauteed in goose fat
Potatoes Dauphinois
Taiwanese "Pudding Cake" (Creme Caramel on top of Chiffon Cake)

Night at the Boston Pops

Beautiful night with the Boston Pops, Michael Bolton at the Symphony Hall

Michael Bolton and the Boston Pops

Five golden rings!


left: lady's black tea; upper right: our earl grey; upper left: apricot jam, whipped cream, strawberry jam; lower right: cute tea strainer

Upper right: cucumber sandwiches with cheese biscuits; middle: cookies, a yummy cupcake, and baby figs and berries; bottom: scones scones scones!!!! and cookies, cakes, and berries

I have been going to Cha-An for tea too many times. So my friends Charles, Iris, Damien and I went to Podunk instead. There are quite a few tea places in NYC to choose from (yelp search). This is not a high society ladies' luncheon type of gathering (do I EVER have that anyway??) so I just wanted to have a casual laid back atmosphere. The tea house is really small and cozy, with mismatched chairs and tables. The owner is a super nice lady who bakes pastries in the back and prepares everyone's tea in the front kitchen. Iris and I both had the "Old Friends' tea" set, which came with a large pot of earl grey and cucumber sandwiches, and a full plate…

spiced pumpkin custard tartlette

I made these with silicone tartlette molds. They came out really easy -- partly because of the non-stick silicone, partly due to the high-butter tart dough. I still need to bake these differently next time. The custard puffs up way high in the oven and collapses during cooling. There has to be a better way to do this. Usually a waterbath is necessary to keep the custards at a low temperature. but I don't think the dough will cook as well in a waterbath. Maybe I will need to prebake the shells and then bake the custard in a waterbath.

Greetings from down under

Check out the other photos here

Unacceptable wrap

There are a gazillion lunch choices in the downtown area surrounding the Wall St. financial district. I usually go to the Water Cafe to get a Korean tofu soup. But on Friday I was really in the mood for a change, so I went to this long-time establishment on Front St., the Trinidad Roti truck. Apparently it has been there for more than 15 years. And my coworker Marlon always eats from there, and it usually smells quite good. Anyway, I ordered the oxtail roti wrap. And thank goodness I had the sense to be eating more neatly with a knife and a fork. Why? Lo and behold, as I cut into the wrap, my knife was stubbornly stuck halfway down cutting through the log --


And no, it was not a sliver piece of bone that was accidently left in the meat. All pieces of oxtail in the wrap were just still nicely still clinging onto their pieces of tail bones. Who puts bones in a freakin' wrap?? If I had bitten into the damn thing I would have broken my teeth. and not to mention tha…

Happy New Year!

Mike and I continued our little tradition of a 4-people dinner on New Year's eves -- we had our friends Charles and Damien over. And again we followed the traditional meal progression - soup course, seafood course, meat course, salad, and dessert.

Soup: Mushroom cream soup (from the Gourmet Cookbook)
Seafood: Soy-citrus scallops on a bed of soba noodle salad (from the Gourmet Cookbook)
Meat: Poached scallion and ginger chicken with white rice (from Kylie Kwong)
Salad: Jicama avocado and orange salad (from the Gourmet Cookbook)
Dessert: my friend Charles brought a cake from the famed Yeh's bakery in Flushing, NY

We had a 1998 vintage Dom Perignon Champagne
For the meat course, we had the red Burgundy; for the seafood course we had the Reisling.

Happy New Year!