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Conquering Salad Dressing

I don't believe that some people are born with natural talent. I do believe in inborn inclinations. You can't be a naturally born cook, but you can certainly be more inclined to learn cooking. I've always thought this was why I was the top of my class in my "Housewifery" class (yes, that's the official name on the English version of my junior high school transcript). Whether it was sewing or cooking, it just wasn't difficult for me to learn at all. Over the years I learned how to cream butter, knead a dough, make a roux, julienne carrots, emulsify mayonnaise, and of course roast a chicken. But there are still a few things I just could not get right. One of them is making a pie dough. No matter what I do, my pie dough always comes out on the dry side. Obviously I need to add more water (duh!) But I usually end up using double or triple the amount of water indicated in the recipe and the dough remains dry. It's very strange. I decided to put this off un…