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Kylie Kwong

I was really happy to have found a new cooking show on TV that entertains and is also instructional. Actually, I found an entirely new channel (new to me anyway) -- Discovery Home. Kylie Kwong is a 4th generation Chinese Australian and is quite a famous chef over there. I like her show because her food always looks scrumptious and her cooking instructions clear, simple, and concise. I also like her because she bears an uncanny resemblance to my friend Yvonne. I think her show is the only Chinese food cooking show on TV at this moment since I haven't seen Yan Can Cook (annoying host, supposedly fake accent, and not very educational overall) for a while, and East Meets West has also disappeared (Ming is also slightly overbearing with his jock-ish manners; and the show is fusion style and poorly adaptable to home cooking). Kylie's food is mostly simplified Chinese recipes, with occasional fusion twists. But she just seems so approachable and pleasant. Each show is stylishly edite…

Mooncakes (Mid-Autumn Festival)

The Mid-Autumn Festival this year is not until 9/25. But I have been itching to make mooncakes since I bought several mooncake molds in an antique market in Shanghai back in 2005. In my mind there are mainly two kinds of mooncakes -- the Cantonese kind and the SuZhou-style kind. A Cantonese mooncake has a very thin, tender, and buttery crust, and a very high filling-to-crust ratio. The other kind has the Chinese puff pastry style crust and is usually much smaller than the Cantonese kind. Well, according to Wikipedia, there is apparently a third kind popular in Taiwan, which uses shortbread-style dough for the crust. After much research into various recipes, I saw most of the Cantonese crusts require the use of lye water to treat the dough. I don't know...I have been brainwashed into thinking that using lye water is bad. The Chinese style puff pastry is something I have always wanted to try. But alas, I am not about to use shortening, and I was not able to find rendered leaf lard a…