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stressful times and morbid food thoughts

I haven't added anything to this blog for a while, because I just haven't been cooking much. Seriously, anyone with a PhD degree should be very well respected. Whoever is able to go through this crappy experience deserves a special mention. I have been so stressed that I just don't have the desire to cook. Heck, I can't even care enough about the quality of my supper. It is pretty funny that during these stressful times my thesis advisor kept offering me chocolates. Maybe she is on to something.

If I have this much trouble eating these days, I cannot imagine how a dead person should care the least about what is served at his/her funeral. This New York Times article talks about the comfort food at funerals. Only the alive ones are eating, so the food is only meant to comfort them. We only hold funerals for ourselves anyway -- to bring closure, to soften the blow for ourselves that it is okay to lose a loved one. Considering all this, I had some funny ideas. Is it approp…
Left to right: Asparagus and shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce; pork salad; scrambled eggs with shredded carrots; pickeled cucumbers.

Making somethin' out of nothin'

Cooking is for the leisurely minds. I've found that my food tastes good only when I am cooking in a relaxed and happy mood. Hence in the last couple of weeks I basically lived off frozen dumplings and take-outs. But now my friend Iris is in town. I can't possibly feed her frozen dumplings. That would be a crime. (although she does have a strange yearning for bad American food -- macaroni&cheese; bad Chinese take-out...) Regardless, for my pride I have to deliver a decent home cooked meal. So I made what any Chinese housewife would probably make in a jiffy -- little dishes to go with congee. I made pickeled cucumbers (very classic summer side dish), scrambled eggs with shredded carrots (sounds bizarre, but pretty good), asparagus and shiitake mushroom with oyster sauce (I had to use up my 1-week old asparagus), and a improvised pork salad. All the cooking was done in one hour. The host and the guest were both pleased as we carried our full bellies to the sofa after dinner.