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Easiest roast chicken...EVER!

I have been reading on several blogs (totally unrelated people living on different continents) of people raving about Marcella Hazan's roast chicken with lemons. (anyone who wants to learn about Italian cooking should start with her books) I have to admit, I had doubts. The reviews generally said "It is the best roast chicken ever!" When I read the recipe, I thought it may overcook it, since the cooking time is a good 20-25 minutes longer than my standard roast chicken recipe (400F oven for ~1 hr). And it doesn't even have butter. And it has lemon "stuffing." I was very skeptical. But since it is such a simple recipe, trying it took no effort. And like this title suggests, it is the easiest preparation evah!! But not only that, the chicken was juicy and tender in the breast as well as the legs and thighs. Unbelievably tasty! The lemons in the cavity may have helped absorbed and distributed the heat to help the chicken cook more evenly. The lemon juice also …