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left: lady's black tea; upper right: our earl grey; upper left: apricot jam, whipped cream, strawberry jam; lower right: cute tea strainer

Upper right: cucumber sandwiches with cheese biscuits; middle: cookies, a yummy cupcake, and baby figs and berries; bottom: scones scones scones!!!! and cookies, cakes, and berries

I have been going to Cha-An for tea too many times. So my friends Charles, Iris, Damien and I went to Podunk instead. There are quite a few tea places in NYC to choose from (yelp search). This is not a high society ladies' luncheon type of gathering (do I EVER have that anyway??) so I just wanted to have a casual laid back atmosphere. The tea house is really small and cozy, with mismatched chairs and tables. The owner is a super nice lady who bakes pastries in the back and prepares everyone's tea in the front kitchen. Iris and I both had the "Old Friends' tea" set, which came with a large pot of earl grey and cucumber sandwiches, and a full plate…

spiced pumpkin custard tartlette

I made these with silicone tartlette molds. They came out really easy -- partly because of the non-stick silicone, partly due to the high-butter tart dough. I still need to bake these differently next time. The custard puffs up way high in the oven and collapses during cooling. There has to be a better way to do this. Usually a waterbath is necessary to keep the custards at a low temperature. but I don't think the dough will cook as well in a waterbath. Maybe I will need to prebake the shells and then bake the custard in a waterbath.