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Fried-steamed buns 水煎包/生煎包

This is essentially the same bun as the steamed pork buns I made before. But the buns are smaller. What makes these a little better (I think) is that they are made just like potstickers and have a cripsy bottom. The uncooked buns are placed in a hot pan with oil. Then a slurry of water and flour is added to the pan. The pan is then covered to steam the buns. Toward the end of the cooking, the water is all evaportated and the leftover flour forms a nice brown crust on the bottom of the pan. I think this is somewhat of a Shanghainese specialty. I started the dough at around 9:30am. Then I started to put together the filling at 11:00. I finished cooking everything by 12:10. It actually didn't take too long.

Still raw uncooked buns

Buns cooking in the pan -- they should be covered but I lifted the lid just to take a picture.

White sesame seeds are sprinkled before the end

Success! All the buns should be linked together by this bottom crust

Recipe: Shanghainese pan-fried-steam buns 上海生煎包