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Hot dog buns or pigs in a blanket?

These are such guilty pleasures. I know hot dogs are probably not the most healthy food on this planet, but they sure taste good. I think the Chinese bakers took the idea from pigs-in-a-blanket when they made up this bread. The dough is again the typical Chinese sweet dough, enriched with butter, milk powder, and eggs. The hot dog is cut up into little chunks. Come to think of it, corn dogs are another guilty pleasure of mine...I used half whole wheat pastry flour, and the hot dog was made by Applegate Farm from organic grass-fed beef that had no antibiotics and growth hormones, etc. So it is not THAT bad...

大家都吃過熱狗麵包吧? 雖然知道這熱量超高又超多添加物的複製產品對身體不好, 但是甜甜的麵糰配上它跟酸甜酸甜的番茄醬還真搭呢! 而且我這是在家製作的麵包, 用的是一半的全麥麵粉, 而熱狗也是標記完全以草為飼料, 無荷爾蒙, 無任何抗生素或生長激素的有機牛肉. 還稍微安心啦!