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Chinese New Year Eve's Dinner

Until this year, I have been spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan for the last 6 or 7 years. The festivity in NYC of course can't compare to those in Asia, but I was not going to lower my standard to attend the Chinese New Year Spectacular just to reconnect with my roots. Plus, all Chinese holidays are about food anyway. As long as you have lots of good food, you're all set. So I just needed to have enough people to justify making a full table of dishes. Hence my friend Vicky and her husband Tim became the victims of Albertitto's first Chinese New Year Eve's dinner! Vicky and I grew up together. We are what people would call 青梅竹馬...well sort of...Our moms have been coworkers for a long time, and we played and bathed together many times when we were little. (There are more embarrassing stories that I won't tell here) In any case, it was lovely to reunite again with Vicky in a foreign land after so many years.

Tim and Vicky brought wine and a fruit tart. I made steame…

Real Food

This is a post I was working on months ago, which I just never finished. But since Michael Pollan just wrote a much more eloquent and timely NYT article on a similar subject, I felt I had no more to add this matter with my bad writing...

(Also, I have not had internet or cable TV at home for almost a week now...which sucks in a way, but I have found so much more time to do other things like reading, cleaning, organizing, etc.)

Nina Planck has written a pretty convincing book on food advices. You see, she doesn’t use the words “healthy,” “organic,” or “natural” to describe her food of choice. Her label is “Real Food.” The book revolves around a central theme – that humans for tens of thousands of years have been eating both vegetables and animals, both grown the way nature intends them to be. Cows should graze on grass and not eat animal products; milk should be drank raw and not pasteurized; the list goes on. She proposes that modern industrialized food is the culprit for heart diseases…