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Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

The finished product -- isn't it cute?
The cross-section: outer layer is a hard bittersweet chocolate coat; in the middle are two layers of pistachio cookies sandwiching a creamy sweet chocolate filling. (I was too hungry to use a knife for a clean cut. I just bit off half of it and ate it. It was gooood!)

Chocolate is good/bad for you

My good friend Osman is in town (all the way from Pakistan!) and I have not done anything special to welcome him other than providing a futon to sleep on. So I decided to make him some chocolate, a favorite of his, while he is away in Cornell this weekend.

Chocolate is quite a peculiar food. Its melting temperature and other properties like its sheen and tendency to "seize up" upon touching water make it sometimes a big pain to work with. However, very good chocolate is worth the work and money. Find any chocolate lover, he'll tell you how a piece of chocolate melts silkily across the tongue (thanks to the cocoa butter) and also about the intoxicating aroma, kind of like coffee, but more seductively sweet. Even though recent findings suggested that chocolate has health benefits, it's almost gratuitous. People don't need any more reason to eat chocolate. Deep down we all like it partly because it's sinful. Food this delicious is good for you? Puhleeez, it has …