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Before washing
After washing with flour

Thoughts on Grapes

Until recently I have not bought or even eaten many grapes. For some strange reason I always get bad heartburns if I eat a lot of them. And I am pretty disappointed by the grape varieties in the US. It seems like the market is geared towards convenience rather than taste. Grapes found in supermarkets these days are hailed as seedless, thin-skinned, and sweet. Whatever happened to fragrance and the nice tartness that compliments the sweet? The grapes in Taiwan are so much better. The 巨峰 (Ju4-Feng1) variety is a favorite of mine. It's a pretty traditional purple variety with on average 3-4 seeds in each fruit and the skin is thick, generally needs to be peeled. But it's got such a nice aroma that makes you think "ah, GRAPES!!!"

But my real lack of motivation stemmed from how my parents always used to make me prepare the grapes. In my family, fruits are not eaten off the hand. Almost everything needs to be nicely cut up, presented in a plate or a bowl, and eaten in a civ…

Back from Shanghai

I figure it is time to dust the spider webs off this blog. I just returned from Shanghai. And I thought I would have had lots of good food there. I was wrong (sorry Charles, Erica, and Vivian). Honestly, the food was underwhelming. The quality of the better meals could have been just as easily found in Taipei. It is really cheap to eat in China, though. The labor is so cheap, now they just have to bring up the quality and the service.

Overall, I ate little rice in China. Since the tabs were so cheap, we just ordered more dishes instead of having rice. I definitely sampled more variety this way. But the lack of rice also felt somewhat less satisfying, a feeling often expressed by Atkin's dieters. In Chinese, the phrase to convey "eat a meal" is equivalent to "eat rice." There must be some underlying explanation to this. Whether it is out of cultural habit or our human bodies' needs for complex carbohydrate, I just feel less wholesome without eating it. In fac…