Unacceptable wrap

There are a gazillion lunch choices in the downtown area surrounding the Wall St. financial district. I usually go to the Water Cafe to get a Korean tofu soup. But on Friday I was really in the mood for a change, so I went to this long-time establishment on Front St., the Trinidad Roti truck. Apparently it has been there for more than 15 years. And my coworker Marlon always eats from there, and it usually smells quite good. Anyway, I ordered the oxtail roti wrap. And thank goodness I had the sense to be eating more neatly with a knife and a fork. Why? Lo and behold, as I cut into the wrap, my knife was stubbornly stuck halfway down cutting through the log --


And no, it was not a sliver piece of bone that was accidently left in the meat. All pieces of oxtail in the wrap were just still nicely still clinging onto their pieces of tail bones. Who puts bones in a freakin' wrap?? If I had bitten into the damn thing I would have broken my teeth. and not to mention that I spent $6.50 for a wrap containing only 4 pieces of oxtail, WITH MOSTLY BONES!!!!

This truck is now on my black list.
*still fuming*


Charles said…
considering that i've seen you so many times in the past few days, i'm surprised that i'm hearing this story for the first time ;)

that said, a bone in a wrap? yuck. i mean, you'd think that someone would've complained to them by now. maybe you should. they'll be thankful.
Albertitto said…
This happened on Friday, the day we went to Basta Pasta...considering this is truck food, I don't think people care. They are doing a brisk business anyway.

I went to Basta Pasta again! (My supervisor treated me and another coworker to it!)
Catherine said…
Oxtails are better left in soup than a wrap...

i love oxtail soup... you should come visit and i'll make you some.. ^.^ yum....

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