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Rugelach with walnuts and raisins

These morsels are typically found in Jewish bakeries. I'm using the recipe from George Greenstein's A Jewish Baker's Pastry Secrets. The recipe makes a dough with a very nice consistency and easy to roll out. The recipe recommended working with half of the dough at a time, rolling out to 36"x20". I don't have nearly that much counter space so I divided the dough into quarters and rolled them out to 18"x20". At this surface area the dough becomes translucent but still has a very nice texture without breaking. The liquid all comes from the small amount of eggs and the moisture in the cream cheese. I think the high amount of fat really prevents too much gluten formation.  I think next time I will shape them into rounds and then roll out to rectangles. Starting with a rectangle made it hard to roll into a bigger rectangle. The apricot filling was made with dried Turkish apricots and the filling is wonderfully fragrant. I didn't have cake crumbs so I…