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Chinese New Year's Dinner: Center: Aged hen soup with two bamboo shoots. Clockwise around soup starting top left: fried bok choy; risen gluten fried and stewed with bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms; red-cooked beef shank and tendon with daikon and garlic shoots; fried olive greens; Lion head (pork meatballs) with napa cabbages; more bamboo shoots with shiitake mushroom; 10 vegetarian treasures (see post below); fish marinated in soysauce, garlic, ginger, and scallions and then fried and glazed with the reduced marinade. The outside dish: ginko nuts and large mustard greens stewed in sweet brown sauce.

Special Occasions – Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner

I have been too busy to make updates. But I am taking a much needed vacation now back home in Taiwan, celebrating Chinese New Year! This is the first time in 10 years that my parents and I spend this holiday together!

For much of the practical aspects of this holiday, you can pretty much imagine this as the Chinese Thanksgiving, a time for family gathering and big time feasting. But I think it is a little more fun because of the heavy cultural colors this holiday brings. Shopping for Chinese new year is probably more trouble than for a turkey dinner. On the eve a huge dinner is prepared for the entire family. But for the coming days of the new year, you have to stock up on snacks and drinks for guests who come to wish you a good year. For my family it has never been a big deal because we have so few relatives. But imagine that you need to extend your family tree branches to even your grandma's sister's daughter's family…you get the idea. Season-wise it is the end of a year …