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Dinner with Charles

I have finally freed myself from working on weekends. For some reason, I was so brainwashed during my graduate school days that I never escaped from my work during the weekends. But I am now slowly getting used to the fact that weekends are my own time and work should not interfere with it.

Charles was here this weekend. I made ginger carrot soup and avocado BLTs for us to take to the Prospect Park for a lunch picnic. We tried to play backgammon but the instructions were too complicated. Then for dinner we made salmon burgers, green beans with black sesame dressing, and Japanese congee. All these are recipes from "Harumi's Japanese Cooking." She is reportedly the Martha-like figure in Japan. And her recipes are really easy to follow at home. Best of all, more than half of the recipes are quite light, healthy, and perfect for the summer. I also learned to use my microwave as more than just a reheater for leftovers. I now have cooked chicken thighs (for chicken salads), gre…