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Scallion Pancake 蔥油餅

When I was little, my family lived far from the central Taipei city. Near our apartment was an outdoor evening market that sold everything from fruits and produce to meats and fish. Interspersed among these sellers would be cooked food vendors. There were a ton of different ones but I recall vividly one selling scallion pancakes and one selling roasted ducks. Customers always line up around the scallion pancake cart, waiting for the freshly fried pancake  to be lifted, cut, and bagged. The cart had 2 huge circular griddles. The vendor would roll out a pre-made rested scallion pancake dough, pour some oil into the griddle, and place the dough onto the hot sizzling surface. The griddle is then covered to fry and steam the pancake. The vendor always has one fresh pancake cooking while finishing the other one to minimize the customers' waiting time. My father really liked these pancakes. He would often order a half sheet - half of one pancake, each at probably 2 feet in diameter - and…