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Why does food become more fabulous when it is stuffed? Starting with stuffed whole chickens and turkeys, stuffing evolved into a stand-alone dish on the Thanksgiving dinner table. There is the chicken cordon bleu, rolling cheese and ham inside a chicken scaloppini. A common buffet item is stuffed peppers – bell peppers filled with cooked rice and beans. Calzones are basically well-stuffed two-sided pizzas. At dim sum, you can order eggplant and bell peppers stuffed with shrimp paste. A classic Chinese dish uses hollowed-out daikon cylinders and stuffs them with re-hydrated scallops.

Even doughnuts get a makeover when stuffed with jelly. And who can resist the temptation of a custard-filled cream puff? The contrast of the crispy shell and the silky filling makes it a delectable item. ( I’m so happy to have Beard Papa in NYC!) If we expand our criteria a little bit, any dumplings or buns are also “stuffed.” This kind of stuffing takes care of “scrap” meat. Ground pork and chopped shrimp …