stressful times and morbid food thoughts

I haven't added anything to this blog for a while, because I just haven't been cooking much. Seriously, anyone with a PhD degree should be very well respected. Whoever is able to go through this crappy experience deserves a special mention. I have been so stressed that I just don't have the desire to cook. Heck, I can't even care enough about the quality of my supper. It is pretty funny that during these stressful times my thesis advisor kept offering me chocolates. Maybe she is on to something.

If I have this much trouble eating these days, I cannot imagine how a dead person should care the least about what is served at his/her funeral. This New York Times article talks about the comfort food at funerals. Only the alive ones are eating, so the food is only meant to comfort them. We only hold funerals for ourselves anyway -- to bring closure, to soften the blow for ourselves that it is okay to lose a loved one. Considering all this, I had some funny ideas. Is it appropriate for me to dictate my funeral plans in my will? I could wish for the most luxurious catering, providing for my guests as if I was still alive to host them myself. Or I would wish for the worst kind of food (how about some funnel cake and fried dough?) just as a prank joke.

Ok the above topic is a bit twisted. Blame it on my overworked brain. I did write something better a while ago. Basically I found out about a Boston branch of a Chinese dim sum and buffet restaurant that my friend Charles introduced me to. It was pretty good for Boston standard, so I wrote the review.


erica said…
I can definitely relate to the stress. It's almost over for me, thank god. Just keep a positive attitude, and yes, chocolate helps, a lot! I can't cook nothing, but I love to bake and when I am all stressed out I like to make popovers and spread orange butter (butter mixed with orange marmalade and honey) all over and get my carb fix.
charles said…
i LOVE chowhound's message board. some of the chowhound regulars from portland later started, and i cannot thank them enough for helping me navigating the portland restaurant scene. the chowhound peeps rock!

i also prefer ordering dim sum from a menu than from carts because i usually know what i want and hate the scenario in which the dishes i like are all gone when that stupid cart finally rolls to my table. i don't recall seeing carts in restaurants in hongkong or in vancouver, which sets the golden standard for dim sum in north america. i hope nyc follows suit.

have you been to vancouver? if you enjoy dim sum, richmond (a suburb of vancouver) has the best ones on this continent imo. many of those chinese restaurants also serve cantonese style late-night suppers until 3 or 4 am. flushing is nothing compared to richmond. i'm drooling as i type word "richmond." that place is chinese food heaven
Albertitto said…
Erica: It's like pulling teeth for me now to write anything. Writer's block I guess...but I've never been a writer! Eventually I will finish writing...but these days I just whine about it. My number one comfort food is still a bowl of noodle soup...I never crave for chocolates or really sweet things...

Charles: I've never been to Vancouver. I've only been to Toronto. I heard that all the best Hong Kong chefs moved to Canada right before 1997, that's why you get really good dim sum there.
damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!
Anonymous said…
If you had a sick friend in the hospital at your school, what kind of dish would you make and bring to them to speed along their recovery?

Especially if they sit next to you in your student office?

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