Left to right: Asparagus and shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce; pork salad; scrambled eggs with shredded carrots; pickeled cucumbers. Posted by Picasa


charles said…
i can definitely use some congee now, after a whole week of bland midwestern american food and greasy chinese buffet.

i think i'm going to do congee with light dishes plus fresh fruits for a month when i get to my new apartment in dc.
Adèle said…
I like the homemade dishes in your blog.
Can we exchange some experience about making desserts?
Albertitto said…
Charles: I just bought a book on Chinese cooking, written by Grace Young. This is the first well-organized, well-explained, well-quantified, and detailed Chinese cook book I own. I'm hoping to improve on my native cooking. Congee is also good for another reason -- you can make lots with only half a cup of rice! Very econonmical!

Adele: I'd love to exchange some experiences. I have to say though, my dessert making is still at the follow-a-recipe stage. I haven't had the kind of experience to make up new desserts.

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