Chinese pan fried stuffed buns 豬肉白菜餡餅

I just came back from visiting my friend S and her family in San Francisco. She has a lovely live-in nanny/cook/cleaner from Shanghai and she cooked up many Chinese dishes over the 2 days when I was there. Pan fried stuffed buns were one of them. These are actually easier than regular steamed buns because no yeast rising is required. The dough is made with a lot of hot water, which makes the dough very pliable with very little gluten formed. I made the stuffing out of pork, scallions, and napa cabbage. This is definitely a good way to stretch a little ground pork into a meal and to sneak in a lot of vegetables for those meat lovers.


Olivia said…
I hadn't visited your blog for awhile, I didn't know you made these! They look so good!

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