Attending the Martha Stewart show taping

I admit I am a big dork for wanting to do this -- I've been trying to see a taping session of the Martha Stewart show. Well, I finally went! Here are my impressions:

The line and the mob: Obviously most of these people are ardent fans and have traveled a long way to do this. But the line was so long and some of the conversations were just unbearable, especially from the types who are aspiring to be Real Housewives of New York City.
The set:
it looked a lot warmer and nicer on TV. In real life, it just looked too bright and harsh, and in a way...dare I say it...tacky!
very business like. Her sole job during the taping was to show up, display the TV persona, make a TV-entertainment-worthy episode, and get back to her most important job -- founder and virtual CEO of her company.
Waiting area and the bathroom: these are so NOT up to Martha standards. Ugh.

Audience warmer Joey: I would hate to have his job, although he is quite talented in doing what he does. The ooo-ing and aaahhh-ing are purely made up -- audience was cued to make those noises. Even the Ask Martha segment was set up -- people's questions were screened and selected. Even the seating arrangement for all the audience members was highly coordinated to optimize their color scheme.

Overall, I felt it was very mechanical and purely a business of product promotion, whether it was a magazine, a book, or a chef's new restaurant. I don't know why I would have expected otherwise. But at least I can check it off my list now.


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