Saturday night dinner

This is what we had on Saturday night for dinner -- poached halibut with a sweet and sour sauce (改編版西湖醋魚), brussels sprouts in a tomato sauce (茄汁小包心菜), and steamed egg with toppings of diced mushroom and chicken in an oyster sauce (名為雞粒豆腐 -- 實際上是蒸蛋加蠔油雞粒香菇的澆頭). And as you can see, we are now eating multi-grain rice! Well, the reason for this post is to show off our new plates! We just got a new set of plates from Crate and Barrel. After much deliberation, I decided to just buy all white plates and bowls. But I made sure to mix in some rectangular and square dishes with the round ones. I opted for the fairly thick and sturdy types, rather than those super thin bone china plates. I don't think I will ever like using bone china for dinner because I will be too afraid to use them. Also I'd like to stick dirty dishes in the dishwasher. And of course, these are much much cheaper!
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Catherine said…
haha.. guess you don't want to be like monica in friends and forbid people to cut steaks on your plates~
Albertitto said…
that's why I bought the cheap plates lah!

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