A hidden isle of calmness - Hangawi

Nuts and dumplings -- steamed dumplings stuffed with ground nuts and vegetables. The wrapper is typical tender Korean style (in contrast to the more elastic and chewy Chinese kind). Nothing to write home about.

Tofu clay pot in ginger sauce - tender tofu with fried skin around it in a well-seasoned and balanced ginger sauce. Served with multi-grain rice. Very good.

Vermicelli Genghis Khan - vermicelli with a variety of fresh vegetables and mushrooms in a extremely flavorful and full-bodied broth. Excellent.

Acorn noodle salad. Nice sweet and tangy sauce with crunchy vegetables, fruits, and chewy noodles. Still not sure what the acorn is supposed to taste like. Ok.

Kabocha pumpkin stone bowl rice. A twist on bimbibop. The rice is mixed with herbs, roasted vegetables and, of course, roasted kabocha squash. Very tasty!

Overall Hangawi offers a comfortable and peaceful dining environment. One is totally removed from the bustling world outside. The food is all vegetarian; however, they have big flavors and were made with care. The price is quite steep for what we got, but part of it must go toward the ambiance and service. Also the high price might turn some people away so that the restaurant is never full and noisy?

12 E. 32nd St. (btwn 5th and Madison)


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