Fake Croissant

These look like croissant but they are really just like dinner rolls. It's a rapid rise yeast dough with butter and baking powder added. They are better right after baking. They tend to dry out quickly after a day or two -- but they do not become crispy kind of dry; they dry from the inside out, still tender, but the crumbs are more saw-dust like. They are ok for a breakfast sandwich!

Obviously I need to practice rolling out dough into a square shape...these are in all very inconsistent sizes!!

which is why there are fat ones and skinny ones

Thank goodness they all bake at about the same rate, fat or slim!

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charles said…
What are the white and purpose stuff in the bowl? Curious mind wants to know!

Oh thanks for the roast pork buns two weeks ago. I steamed and ate them during my commute to work :)
Albertitto said…
Oh just fruit salad -- I think that day I put pears, grapes, orange, and grapefruit there with grapefruit yogurt and mint.

glad you enjoyed the buns -- they kept that long??
charles said…
Oh I ate them like on the monday after the weekend we met, just didn't bother to thank you until now ;p

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