Lunch at the Pine Garden


appetizing drink: Mulberry vinegar drink with pomegranate seeds 開胃飲品 桑椹果醋與石榴子

appetizer - abalone with mashed mountain taro; homemade peanut tofu with mountain pearls; marinated eggplant 開胃菜 - 小鮑魚山芋; 花生豆腐配山粉圓; 漬茄子

Steamed egg custard with dried sea scallops and Japanese yam 干貝蒸蛋配山藥泥

Tofu-skin sushi with pickled anchovies 豆皮鯷魚壽司

appetizing drink: Rose petal vinegar drink with pomegranate seeds 開胃飲品 玫瑰果醋與石榴子

sashimi assortment 刺身拼盤

appetizing drink: black date vinegar drink with pomegranate seeds 開胃飲品 黑棗果醋

prawn with fried rice cake and cabbage 明蝦糕炸

Dried mullet roes and king oyster mushroom Taiwanese rice roll 烏魚子飯糰

Chicken soup with Lotus flower 蓮花雞湯

Fruit plate with passion fruit and strawberry juice 餐後水果配百香果草莓汁

Dessert - taro paste with pearl barley and long-yan and red date sauce 甜點 - 金箔芋泥配薏芢與桂圓紅棗醬

Lotus tea 蓮花茶

My mom and I visited a wonderful restaurant/tea house 食養山房 up on the Yang-Ming Mountain (陽明山). Taiwan is truly blessed with natural resources. The surrounding ocean offers fresh seafood, and the mountainous terrain and temperate climate provide excellent conditions for fruits, vegetables, and teas. This restaurant is situated on the mountain, in a pine tree garden (松園). When we visited the restaurant, the mountain was permeated by a misty rain and fog. It added another layer of tranquility to the atmosphere. The food is a cleaned up version of mainly Chinese and somewhat pan-Asian type of cooking - healthy but flavorful food with pleasant presentation. At US$30 per person, this is truly a great deal.


Catherine said…
wow... is that like 懷石料理? looks so yummy~~
Albertitto said…
I guess that's the inspiration. The food was tasty but not super impressive. The money was spent on the dining environment, atmosphere, and the prettiness of the dishes :)

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