Tea Amai & Bake House

The Cornell "ChemE Jury" group had a reunion again since John was in town. Too bad Joe is missing again this time. We first had brunch at
Cafe Cluny in the West Village. The food was good, but the portion was a bit small. We continued our conversation at yet another tea place in the vicinity of East Village, Tea Amai & Bake House. The place is tiny with about only 6 tables. The back room has more of an "atmosphere" with low lighting, and little foot traffic. We had to sit in the front and endured the cold draft whenever someone walked in and out of the place. It's not really a tea house because it's pretty much a self-service place (order and take your own stuff to your table or to-go), although one can order pots of tea. The pastries are all asian influenced and are quite delectable -- they were all deliberately sweetened very lightly. We tried an assortment of cookies, a matcha chocolate cake, and their signature green tea cupcake. Overall a nice place to get tea and pastries, but not really all that ideal to sit for a long time.


Erica said…
green tea cupcake? interesting. I like the green tea ice cream, but I tried the green tea tiramisu in Sydney and was not that impressed. I will try any cupcake once though...love them!
Albertitto said…
I don't think it is super green tea-ish, but it was quite good. It had a crunchy top, but the inside was very tender and moist. The icing had just the right sweetness to go with the cupcake. The green tea mousse was good in the layered cake.

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