Making Pate

When my friend Y called to ask me if I wanted to join in the sharing of a quarter pig purchase, I thought "why not?" Well, I took home all these random parts like kidney, liver, and heart. So it is only natural to make some pate out of the liver. I've never attempted it before so I was very excited, especially at the prospect of using caul fat! It is a beautiful piece of fatty membrane that surrounds the internal organs. It has a fractal pattern of the fatty deposits. In Chinese cooking it is sometimes used to wrap fish before steaming or frying, and sometimes used to wrap deep frying items. The idea is sort of like larding a piece of roast to keep it moist. The recipe is from NPR, although I substituted the chicken livers with pig liver. It taste pretty good!!


Catherine said…
OMG.. I just saw this.. I can't believe you made Pate yourself!!

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