My first Christmas tree!!!

I had no idea Christmas trees are so expensive!! And I learned so much about having a tree -- it's not just the lights and ornaments. I learned about tree stand, tree skirt, and tree bags. I also learned of the different techniques of hanging tree lights to create different effects. I thought I was going to follow the directions and string the lights tightly on each and every single branch. But then I came to my senses. Now I just need a fireplace to go with my tree...


Charles said…
Ah, lovely tree. I've always enjoyed trees with quality single-color lighting more than those with crazy multi-colored lights all over the place. Did you also get a new TV?

I heard about your upcoming party, from you know whom. He called me tonight, and that was the first thing he mentioned :)
Albertitto said…
oh geez, instead of phoning me to tell me whether he will grace me with his presence he called you first, tsk tsk tsk :) Yes I am extremely happy with the tree and how the lights will work perfectly for the party.

We got the new TV a few months ago. It's not that big, but for the space it's adequate. We finally experienced the HD resolution!
Charles said…
heard the food was very impressive. not really surprised given that you were the chef, and extremely jealous of those who were invited and able to come ;)
Albertitto said…
words travel fast :) We had a great evening!
Charles said…
good to hear that it was a success!

how can words not travel fast when a certain someone calls me everyday for 2+ hours.

for example, yesterday:
early afternoon: called to tell me that his ex just called him
dinner time: called while he was waiting for his friend to show up at a restaurant
evening: called to tell me his day and whatever else he didn't tell me from the day before

well, at least i have someone to blame if i fail my finals this semester ;)
Albertitto said…
I am surprised that you guys talk that much that often! When exactly will you be back? 12/22 or 12/23?
Charles said…
i'm done on the 22nd. probably stay on for a couple of days to clean my apartment and meet up with a few friends. should be back around christmas time. you're going to be in town, right? i'll give you a buzz once i'm back.

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