Creepy candles

Mike and I won these creepy candles from my friends Helen and Dan's holiday party Yankee's Swap. All credits to Helen who picked out these candles. Imagine a huge factory far away in...I dunno, China? that makes baby-powder-scented candles in miniature glass baby-strollers. All hail to globalization. If you don't know what these candles are for -- well, aren't you glad this blog is informative of such useful products? These are all-occasion candles. For weddings we have the couples candles (yes the melting headless white candles) -- they do come in three so you have 3 chances of using them at your weddingS. Then the baby stroller candle for the baby shower, of course. Champaign candle for all-purpose celebrations. And finally, a watchful virgin Mary candle for those of you repenting your dirty dirty sins!


erica said…
Helen said…
Glad to see they have been of more use than I might have predicted!!

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