Martha vs. Rachel Ray

I will take Martha over Rachel Ray on any day. I read this today. Apparently Rachel Ray's foray into the lifestyle media arena has generated some competitive spirits on both sides. Rachel has in fact hired the old publisher at Martha's Everyday Food magazine to do her own fast food publication. (just a side note, can it get even faster than 30 minutes? Like, what? 30 seconds?) The last line of the article is funny: In short, Martha doesn't think that Ray is a good thing, and Ray doesn't think Martha is delish.


Charles said…
omg, divalicious cat fight!

even my dad notices that rachael ray doesn't wash anything on her show. he cringes every time she takes things out of the packaging and put them straight to her cut board and then into the pots and pans.

and she's really getting fat.
Albertitto said…
I watched her 60-minute Thanksgiving show. It was a sight to behold. You have to give her credit for talking non-stop for an hour...verbal diarrhea no less.

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