I've got All Clad pans

All Clad really has done a fantastic job advertising itself by sponsoring a countless cooking shows on TV. As long as I can remember, almost all the PBS cooking shows are sponsored by All Clad. And not to mention the Food Network ones -- that is, until the show host gets his/her own line of cookware. These pans do lend themselves nicely in front of TV cameras. They're shiny and modern looking. And now that I used them, I can confidently say they DO work better than my old cheap-brand pans. They do take shorter time to heat up, and there really isn't any hot spot! I know this because I was making caramel with the new sauce pan, and the caramel was made evenly and gradually. In the past, the sugar liquid would turn from colorless to amber on random spots on the bottom of the pan, and I would always have to swirl it frequently to keep it a homogeneous mixture. Not so with my new pans! The entire body of the sugar liquid turns yellow-ish and then amber in a uniform fashion. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Oh, did I mention Mike bought them for me for my birthday? I contemplated for a while if we really needed them. After all, we have managed quite well with our old stuff. But recently I have created a new use for my induction cooker -- I used it on the outdoor patio to do high heat cooking. We have even semi-deep fried cod filets! The joy of seeing the clouds of smoke NOT in the house is indescribable (ok you can call me anal). So it was imperative for me to get more pans that work on the induction cooker (I only had one small pan that worked before). We almost got talked into buying Le Creuset, but my weak arms just wouldn't have it.


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