Sharpening knives the old fashion way

On an early Saturday morning a series of "ding ding dong dong" sound slowly increased in volume. Could it have been an ice cream truck? M and I looked at each other confusingly as we peered outside the windows in search of that approaching truck. Oh no, it was most definitely not an ice cream truck. It was a tool sharpening truck! How romantic, I pronounced! I would have never thought I would encounter such a neighborhoodly existence in New York City. Sure, in Taiwan we always had vendors coming around to sell all sorts of stuff under the sun -- roasted chicken wrapped in clay; veggies and fruits; sweet tofu treats; clothes; screen and glass repair. But here in NYC? Uh-uh. In my excitement I rushed out of our apartment building wielding two chef's knives and watched the sharpening longingly, full of anticipation. The truck owner essentially ground off the old knife edges and created two new ones. Upon more honing at home with my home-sharpening tools, they were restored to their magnificent sharpness.

Knife sharpening truck. It is a good thing.


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