Ham, Ham, and More Ham

This is a postmortem on the 11-lb Virginia Smithfield ham I bought for the Chinese New Year's dinner way way back in February...there is still more than half of it hacked into pieces in my freezer. In my humble attempt to finish it I made a modfied version of chicken cordon bleu (boned chicken legs wrapped around a piece of ham and cheese, then cooked in tomato sauce) I also made somewhat a casserole dish with this ham, zucchini, mushrooms, and a bechamel sauce...and after all the chinese soups I flavored with random pieces of ham, I decided to call a stop to it before Mike and I overdose on nitrates. In any case, we liked the ham, but only to use it to flavor stock or soups.


Charles said…
my firm scheduled 2 cooking classes this summer. i missed the first one because it was last week. the second one i'll also miss due to being in HK. darn it!

i did sign up for a sushi-making class and a chocolate tasting event.

keep blogging ;)

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