Comfortable and relaxing dining environment

This is one of many unique and fun restaurants in Taipei. Tables are low on the ground, and diners sit freely around it on cushions. The cuisine is Chinese dishes with a modern twist. But this place is also famous for traditional Chinese pastries. The price is pretty cheap -- around $10-$15 for a meal set, which includes some salad, small appetizers, the main dish, and dessert. What I like best is its relaxing environment, perfect for private conversations or group gatherings. Why couldn't there be more of this kind of places in New York?


Charles said…
if you haven't finished that delicious chocolate raspberry cake, could you save me a piece?

i told my mom about it last night after i got home, and she said that she'd love to get a taste of it. she also said that she'll trade you for it with some shanghainese-style wonton that she made ;)
erica said…
Because in NY if they charge $15 for a set they would not be able to stay in business. Even if they charge $50, still not sure I can relate New Yorkers to the word "relaxing". ;)
Albertitto said…
Maybe that's what I will open as a business if I had the money. It does require a bit more real estate space. The one tea place I went to in Manhattan Chinatown is also very crowded, noisy, with tiny tables and stools. I hate having to yell to carry a conversation at dinners. It's just not cool.
Catherine said…
maybe you should move to california~~ more space here..... and closer to me so I can stop looking at pictures of your cooking and actually get to taste them. :P

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