New kitchen!

Apartment hunting in a popular city is an agonizing experience. There are too many renters chasing after a trickling supply of vacant properties. Mike and I spent pretty much the entire month of June to find a place. I will spare you the details, but we pretty much went through all the possible worst scenarios: stood up by agents; incompetent agents who have no keys, no knowledge of the apartment, and no idea of the ADDRESS of the building; flaky agents who try to force bad properties down our throats; sleazy agent who reminds me of the devil's advocate; scary neighboods; freaky landlords; and bait-and-switch Craig's List ads. In the end, we did find the gem we looked for. The bitter process made the sweet ending ever so satisfying.

Honestly, I had little expectations for the kitchen during our search. When we went into an apartment, I paid attention to closet size, storage space, floor condition, layout, and lighting. Most landlords sacrifice the kitchen space to make room for the living area. This huge kitchen (by NYC standards) pleasantly surprised me. The long kitchen counter provides plenty of space for cookbooks, appliances, cooking utensils, and a dish rack in addition to room for food preparation. On top of all that, the large island allows two people to prepare food on the same surface simultaneously. Numerous cabinets and space beneath the island can accommodate all of our cookware, pantry items, and dinnerware. The ability to hide all the clutter in an organized manner makes me a happy boy. Now if only I can just get my double oven, proper exhaust hood, and plate warmer...


geline said…
you guys moved to brooklyn? i love the new kitchen!
Albertitto said…
Yeah we just moved a few weeks ago. We were very diligent, and everything was set up within the first weekend. It's huge, with a big deck! I now practice Tai Chi on the deck in the morning!

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