Iceberg Lettuce with Oyster Sauce 蠔油生菜

This is one of my favorite dishes at cantonese restaurants -- cooked iceberg lettuce with oyster sauce! It is super easy to make at home too. Boil a huge pot of salty water and blanch the iceberg lettuce for 30 seconds to a minute -- just enough to wilt the lettuce. Drain it. Toss a little bit and press down on them to squeeze out extra water. Saute some minced garlic in vegetable oil (I think lard would be better) in a small pan. Add a few tablespoons of oyster sauce, a tablespoon of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of sugar. Whisk to combine really well and let it thicken a little. Pour it over the cooked lettuce and serve! Posted by Picasa


erica said…
It is my favorite veggie dish, not sure about using lard though...btw, my mom is into using vegetarian oyster sauce, it taste just as good, but without the fishy smell of the real oyster sauce.
Albertitto said…
Oh lard is sooo good, ha! Try frying anything in lard. The air will be thick with this rich aroma...kinda bad if you have an open kitchen. But it smells soooo good!

I used to use veggie oyster sauce. But I am starting to revert back to the real thing. I think it has more flavor. It does smell fishy by itself. But if you cook it with other things it adds flavor, not unlike fish sauce.

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