Taiwanese pork soup


erica said…
Albert, you seriously have to come and visit Charles in DC and see if you can make magic in his tiny, tiny, and I mean tiny kitchen =) I am always hungry after I read your blog.
Albertitto said…
Ah! Thanks for the kind words :-) I'm always happy to work in a kitchen! It'll just be a matter of when I can visit DC! If I do get a job as a consultant there'll be a lot of traveling! (Not to mention the mileage I can accumulate)
erica said…
I can never be a consultant since I hate travelling for business (unless it's to Vegas). Which firm? Have you done all the interviews and are just waiting to hear back from them? Good luck!
Albertitto said…
oh i might totally hate traveling, I don't know...I hope I'll like it :-) I am starting the job search this fall.

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