Miso Chicken Salad Sandwich Posted by Picasa


erica said…
I am amazed to learn 1. cucumbers have different types; 2. chicken has tenderloin; 3. you can thaw frozen food in warm water. As you can see, I don't cook...AT ALL!
Albertitto said…
Actually, thawing in warm water is a big no-no if you ask most professional cooks. They'll tell you bacteria will grow and blah blah. I think as long as you don't do it for too long it should be ok. So if I have a thick piece of frozen meat I wouldn't do it -- it'll take way too long for the center to be thawed. However, Americans are over-paranoid about bacteria :-P

And cucumbers do have many types: the little ones we eat in Asia (what i called japanese cucumber); the pickeling cucumber and American cucumber are sold loosely in the markets here. English cucumbers are usually wrapped in heat-shrink plastic and have less seeds than the previous two. And of course you have had the gherkins, the tiny thorny ones usually already pickled.

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