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Used Toothbrush

This is a very useful tool to have in the kitchen. Basically, it functions like a test-tube brush in a lab. I use it most often to clean my garlic press. I don't really know where to place the "hole cleaner" that came with my garlic press. It hinders the use of the press, and it is UGLY! And finally, it doesn't even work that well. Like Alton Brown says, it's best to have one tool that does many things. So I like to use a toothbrush to clean out the little holes of the garlic press.

It is also very good at cleaning out a fine sieve. A sieve can easily be clogged by fibers -- meat fibers from straining a gravy; veggie fibers from strainging a soup or veggie puree. A toothbrush just cleans the these little holes so easily.

Also, if you want your pot super clean, don't you want to really scrub around those rounded screw heads that keep the pot handles in place? The crevices around the screw is hard to reach even with a the rough side of the sponge. No problem, now you know better to use a toothbrush!

(By the way, you can also use it to clean the grout between tiles in the bathroom. But this is a kitchen tip after all...)


Joe said…
Wow Albert can you come to my house to do the dishes? Cristy thinks you would have a heart attack if you saw my house.
Albertitto said…
oh Joe, I wouldn't mind it that much considering you've been so nice to vist my blog haha!

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